Quartz in interior and exterior design

Its mostly used as worktops due to its stain-resistants, is heat and scratch-proofen and non-porous but can be vulnerable to excessive force and high temperatures. Quartz a compound of 95 per cent ground natural quartz and 5 percent polymer resin. Its very similar in colour to other natural stones like marble and granite. It is less expensive but definitely more durable and stronger than granite and marble.

Quartz variations used at Brighton Granite kitchen worktops

Use of Quartz

Quartz has some similarities to granite in that it is hard and durable, but it also has some significant advantages over natural stone. Natural stone is porous and prone to staining if not regularly and adequately sealed. Engineered stone is made using 93% natural stone and 7% resin and polymers. As a result, it is impervious to stains since it is completely non-porous. Quartz is also a bit more flexible than natural stone and is much more scratch and chip resistant. However, unlike natural stone, quartz is not heat resistant, so you’ll need to use a trivet before you place hot pots or pans on the counter.

Quartz countertops are remarkably consistent among the various manufacturers. Making a decision really comes down to the details of color, finish, and availability.

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